Bronze Sculpture Image Examples

Hi – please find below a few image examples of the ‘Boxing Hares’ sculpture. There is also a 360 degrees revolving model of the sculpture.

We strongly feel that the imagery on the present site can be updated to show the subtle detail and colours of the sculptures in a better light promoting a better customer viewing experience, ultimately increasing  sales for you…

If you would be interested in getting any of your stock items photographed, we would be happy to help and discuss this with you. Generally,there will be a setup cost which varies between £150 – £200 and then an image cost of £15.00. – £25.00 – The more items we get to photograph at one time will be more cost effective for you if the objects are of a similar nature. We will try and work with you as best we can to get the best and most cost effective solution.

Looking forward to hearing from you..

Uniquebronze Example file 1